Introduction: How to Make a Leg for a Sofa Chair

two pieces of 3/4 ply one piece of 1/2 ply same color of sofa leg your going to duplicate
measuring tape, glue, a pencil and clamps, table saw, miter saw, belt sander.

Step 1: Making Your Lines

first you will need to measure existing legs width, and then transfer measurement onto 3/4 ply but add a quarter on in inch more. Now do the same on the 1/2 inch ply

Step 2: Ripe Ply

Now with a table saw rip ply-woods  to desired width

Step 3: Cutting With the Miter Saw

Now measure legs length and transfer length to the pieces of plywood you ripped but give yourself a quarter of an inch more to measurement. then cut them

Step 4: Trace to Ply

now you trace leg onto all pieces of ply

Step 5: Sand to Disired Size

Now with a belt sander and grinding disc sand all pieces of ply to desired size 

Step 6: Trace and Cut

Now you lay your cut pieces of ply and you trace the out line of how they meet. then you cut them on miter saw then line up again until you have a rough cut out of your leg

Step 7: Rough Outlook on Leg

this is what it should look like before you glue

Step 8: Apply Wood Glue

Now you apply wood glue to all pieces 

Step 9: Clamping It

Now you clamp it tight from all angles

Step 10: Routing the Edges

Now you will need to route all edges to a 1/8 inch round

Step 11: Finished Leg

Now your all complete. You will need to find correct threaded bolt rode drill and glue new rode in.