Introduction: How to Create a Low Budget Movie Part 3

in this instrucatable i will do almost a shopping list of top 3 pieces of equipment plus some more tips but this forgets about the low budgt and brings in a mediam budget. sorry about that!
, but if you havent already read part 1 or part 2 you better get started!

Step 1: Special Effects Software

arfter quite abit of research i came across three great special effects software.

in third place is fxhome effects lab pro and/or CompositeLab Pro
each cost around 80 pounds and are very easy to use with a wide range of spesial effects from fire, couler correction, muzzle flashes, rain and explosions. everything a starter at special effects need. its pre-keyed which means its just drag and drop. it can be used with green screen or without. its a great piece of software for biginers where you will be able to make youre movies look great. its only let down is in the quality, although good enough, if you look it up on youtube you will see its very, well corney.

in second place is probably the most well known, adobe arfter effects. its pricey but you can create anything you think of. its great quality but its only letdown is its complexity. its hard to use, you have to have some experiance with the program before you can do much at all. but theres 1 extra thing adobe chucked in. its also an editing software which means you dont need to buy 2 products. alot of pro's use this application and i dont blame them. its great, so if you can afford it and have some time to work out its utensils then this software is top of the shops.

but in first place is action essentials 2. lets start by teling you its not as good variaty as arfter effects and that its not the most compatable, but its more simple than fxhome, better quality than arfter effects and only costs $100. almost everyone will be able to buy it everyone will be able to use it and above all everyones movies will look great. its high quality action is unbelievably good for its price, better than all the others and its totally afordable. if you are making a romance then it will be usless but if theres fire or guns, infact any action then this software is unmissable.

Step 2: Camera's

when it comes to cheap high quality camera's there arnt many out there. and when i say cheap i mean max. 500. something small and portable but high quality and easy to use. it all pionts at camcorders. i own a Sony Handycam XR200VE 120GB HDD High Definition Camcorder.its great, light. good quality and full of functionality. i got it for 400, which is great as its usualy 700. but i recan the top 3 camcorders are...

in third place the JVC GZ-MG465 due to its amzing 60GB. its got 8 film canisters and a multi touch screen. plus a 1mp sensor making this the most advanced standerd def camcorder for only £350.

in second place comes the Sony SR35 as although less memory than the jvc and less functions it hase a 40x zoom and is simple to use and highly efitiont. but the biggest wow is that its only £200

but in third place is my baby, the sony handy cam. and im not just saying this as i own it but its amazing memory and the first camcorder to have a biult in gps to see were each photo/movie was taken.its easy to use and great in every way. the only bad thing is its price.

Step 3: Editing Software

editing software is essentialy the most impotant part to post production and without a good editing software there lacks a good movie. in movie maker weres the color grading or the desent effects. there are none.the closest to color grading is black and white and effects wise maby some spining words but thats about it. it is possable to make a good edit n movie maker but its such a hasel and dosent compare to what some software can do. i personally like sony vages as its cheap price and high functionality. but with abit more cash much more is possable.

in third place is my loved sony vagas as it hase good color correction, nice layout and title sequences and easy edit but its not the most simple out there.

in second place the is adobe premier elements due to its ease of use and profesionality. but it has been having more than a few complaints about faults and dodgy programing.

in first place is adobe arfter effects as its profesianal, completely costimizable and is packed with endless effects.

Step 4: Thanks

well thats realy it, if you want another best buy thenleave a comment and ill add onto this instuctable. hope my trinity has helped you with youre movie skills, so this leaves me to say thankyou for reading, rate comments and subscribe if you want more. thanks again.