Introduction: How to Make a Potato Lasagna

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hey guys today i am gonna show you this delecious potato lasagna that i am sure you will love it

Step 1: So This Is All You Need to Make It

you need of corse a potato because this is the base of the food so we need 2 or 3 potatoes and we need a cheese you can use any cjeese you have but i use Kraft, it is amazing guys it is so so so yummy so delicious even you eat for the breakfast or if you just melt it like that you can also use Kraft for pizza because it is very very delicious cheese and also we need a mencid meat and a tomato sause, and for more taste you can use a spice i used a black pepper spice and white pepper spice you can use just one of these spice but i used both and you can use other spices that you like

Step 2: So All You Have to Do Is Just Cook

you need to cook the minced meat and put the black pepper spice and white pepper spice and as i said you can mix it with any spice you want and just cut the potato and cook it in the hot water until it becomes so soft and dont forget to put salt because i forgot but it is ok because you really dont feel the taste of potato because of the meal and tomato sause and the spices you will really dont feel the potato taste

Step 3: And the Final Step Is!!

just like lasagna you first put one layer of potato then put the minced meat on the potato and then put the tomato sause on the minced meat and finally put one layer of cheese on the tomato sause and like that, just keep puting the layers as much as you want and finally when you done put the cheese on the top, and you will have a delecious potato lasagna.

Step 4: And This Is Your Potato Lasagna and I Am Sure You Will Love It

i hope you guys try this delecious potato pie, please give it a like and comment me and ask anything you want, i hope you like it and enjoy :)