Introduction: How to Make a Runescape

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runescape is my favorite online game. you can do alot of things! i made this instructables to show you how fun it is to play runescape and how to make one. first you go on runescape. com. then you press make a new free account. then you type in a username make sure its exceptable first. then type in your password.

Step 1: Logging In

then you press "next" and type in your email. if you dont have one type in you dads or moms. then you press the next button a again. then you type in your username and password. you then have to make your person you can make a hair style torso hair color etc.

Step 2: Tutorial

after you log in you go on to tutorial island. first you talk to the guy. next you open the door find the servivolist and talk to her. she gives you a hatchet and a tinderbox. you have to cut down a tree or a few trees to get your woodcutting level up and make a fire/fires. after you do that you have to talk to her again and she gives you a small net to net shrimps and cook them on the fire.

Step 3: Almost Half Way Through

after that you have to open the gate and go to the cook in the next building. you talk to him and he gives you flour and water (i think) to make dough with. when you make the dough you have to put it in the range to make the bread and you might get your cooking level up.

Step 4: Half Way Through

when you finish that you have to open the door and do an emote. after that you have to run to the next door if you dont run you have to go back and run. when you actually run you can open the door and talk to the guy thats there. then when you finish talking to him you go down the ladder.

Step 5: Still Kinda Half Way Through

when you get down there you have to talk to talk to the mining tutorial person. he tells you to prospect the white rock and the orange. after you do that you have to talk to him again and this time he gives you a pickaxe to mine the rocks. when you mine the rocks you have to smelt them together to make a bronze bar. he gave you a hammer to smith the bronze bar into a bronze dagger.

Step 6: 3/4 of the Way Through

when you make the bronze dagger you have to pass the gate to talk to the combat instructer. he will tell you to wield your dagger. then he will give you a bronze sword and wooden shield. then you un eqiup the dagger and wield the sword and the sheild. then he tells you to kill a giant rat. when you do he then gives you a shortbow and bronze arrows to use range against them. when you kill one with range you can go up the next ladder.

Step 7: 4 More People to Talk To

when you get to the bank next to the ladder when you get up the ladder you have to look into your bank (you only will have 25gp). when you get through with that you have to pass through the next door and talk to the guy. he will tell you how to make more money. after you talk to him you have to open the next door and run to the priest and talk to him. he will show you the friends list and ignore list then he will just be talking...

Step 8: Almost Done

then after you talk to him you have to go to talk to the wizard to train magic against a chicken. when you kill one chicken the wizard will ask if you want to go to the main land you will say yes and use you magic book teleport to get there then you can do whatever you want :D.

Step 9: Done!

i hope you enjoy your new runescape account!!!!!!