Introduction: How to Make Fortune Cookies

Step 1:

make your fortunes. you can use any fortunes you want, you can print, hand write,stamp,ect. I used a label maker.

Step 2:

while you get your stuff, preheat the oven to 400 f.

Step 3:

for the cookie 4 egg whites 1c flour sifted 1c sugar 2t almond exact 4T water pinch of salt 24-32 fortunes what you need oil and brush cookie sheet parchment paper round cookie cutter tablespoon

Step 4:

to make the cookie 1. whisk the egg whites until foamy 2. add the exact,water,sugar,flour,salt until smooth

Step 5:

getting the cookie sheet ready. line with parchment paper and lightly bruch with oil.

Step 6:

lay down a cutter and pour one tablespoon of the batter, and spread. **note** only make two at a time because you have a very short time to fold.

Step 7:

remove cutter and bake on middle rack for 8mins.

Step 8:

remove from the sheet pan. now it's time to move quick. you only have about 10sec from when you take it out to it getting hard.

Step 9:

place fortune.

Step 10:

fold in half around the fortune.

Step 11:

bring the ends together. place in a ring or a cupcake pan to help stay folded.

Step 12:

Step 13: