Introduction: How to Make Spicy Chicken Nuggets (or Anything!)

this instructable will show you a simple and tasty way to make spicy chicken nuggets or, really anything you want to. this recipe was handed down to me from my father.

Step 1: Get the Stuff Together

what you'll need:
  • at least a 1/4 cup of hot sauce, i used texas pete
*1 tbsp of butter or margarin
  • one cool whip container
  • about 10 chicken nuggets(already cooked)

Step 2: Make the Sauce, Step 1

get a stick of butter and cut off one tablespoon, then cut that tablespoon into 3 to 4 slices, then place those slices in the bottom of the cool whip container

Step 3: Make the Sauce, Step 2

add in a quarter cup of hot sauce. Note, you can use less or more sauce to make it less or more spicy, but i think a quarter cup is a good spiciness. Also, it is easier to just eyeball it rather than measure it.

Step 4: Making the Sauce, Step 3

take the lid and set on top of the cool whip container. DO NOT PUT THE LID ON ALL THE WAY, IT WILL EXPLODE! now put the container in the microwave for 30 seconds. After it is finished take it and shake it for a couple seconds. CAUTION, IT WILL BE HOT!

Step 5: Making the Nuggets Spicy

take you nuggets and put them into the container. next, place the lid on the container securely. then shake them in the sink for about 5 seconds or more. if you dont shake them in the sink, hot sauce will fling everywhere.

Step 6: Final Step

place the nuggets on a plate, and enjoy!