Introduction: How to Open Up a Xbox 360 Controller With Only a Flathead

easiest way to open the T8H screw on the Xbox 360 controller without having to struggle with the security pin.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

There are only two things you need:
-a Xbox 360 controller (wireless)
- a flathead screwdriver 2.00 mm (0.0797 inch)
this can be found in any hardware store, it comes in a pack with 5 other screwdrivers, it is called a precision set screwdrivers.

**** if your controller is wired all you need is a phillip's head #1 which is included in the precision set

Step 2: Unscrewing the Screws

take your flathead screwdriver 2mm (0.0797 inch) and place it into the screw, try to fit it in so the security pin get's it secure onto the side of the screw, make sure you have a good grip on the handle, then turn the screwdriver counterclockwise, if it feels like it is not turning smoothly or it does not want to turn put more pressure onto the controller ( push the screwdriver more into the screw) just spin it like its a regular screw and it should come right off