Introduction: How to Repair a Leaking Gutter Union Joint (and Poly Tunnel)

here's an effective way to carry out gutter union joint repairs 

Step 1:

you'll need roof repair compound and weed control fabric. do not use bitumen, it is cheaper but it is not the best product as it is not sticky enough.

Step 2:

a ladder stand off is needed

Step 3:

for a gap like a window just strap on a piece of wood as shown

Step 4:

cut the fabric to fit the gutter joint

Step 5:

clean the joint, plain water is just fine

Step 6:

previous pointless sealing with silicon

Step 7:

joint clean and dry.

Step 8:

keep the sealant in a bucket to prevent spillage

Step 9:

joint clean and ready for sealant application

Step 10:

apply the sealant generously, wear gloves as it is very very sticky

Step 11:

then apply the piece of fabric pressing it down, the sealant must penetrate the fabric

Step 12:

then apply another coat of sealant on the top. job done.

Step 13:

this method is also useful to repair rips in a poly tunnel, you need to apply the garden  fabric on both sides (inside and outside)

Step 14:

as shown earlier, it does a good job.