Introduction: Make a Tree Surgeon Harness Out of Tie Down Car Straps

New tree surgeon harnesses can be very expensive typically £150~£200 and at least £50 for a used one. For small and occasional DIY jobs a cheaper alternative I use is to make a harness  out of car straps by copying the basic  design setting of the expensive ones. The straps can then be reused for their original purpose.
Keep in mind that what follows is not the best possible solution and you do this at your own risk. I decline any responsibility of any harm or injury or damaged caused by the use of such method.

Step 1:

make loops on the straps (straps like  as indicated, (position depend on body and legs size)  the loops  are needed later to keep the lateral downward  ones (wihout loops) in position. one strap with 2 loops, 2 straps with one each , 2 strap with no loops, length at least 2 .5 metres 

Step 2:

details shown

Step 3:

wrap it around the top of the thigh  with 2 or three rounds keeping the loop on the outside

Step 4:

and then secure it THE RIGHT way, test it by pulling it near the latch

Step 5:

same on the other thigh, symmetrically. Pay attention to your testicles  the last thing you want is the strap to press hard on them should the need to stop a fall occur. 

Step 6:

both secured

Step 7:

fit the 2 loops strap around the waist, 2 or 3 rounds

Step 8:

connect and secure the waist  and thigh straps using the loop as a guide NOT as support, in other words the 4th strap must embrace all the rounds of the leg and waist strap. The loops are meant to keep the connecting strap in position

Step 9:

you can keep the excess of the connecting strap inside the pocket

Step 10:

same on the other side, the harness is now ready. you might want  to add a third loop by the latch, centred to the middle of the belly to guide the rope or strap that will secure you to the tree (not shown here)

Step 11:

done today and the harnesss worked really well, do not be tempted to play Tarzan though

Step 12:

job competed and still here in one piece to post this method first used today. 

Roberto 06-March-2013