Introduction: How to Restore Dc Shoes

I recently got a new pair of vans, so I decided to see if I could get my dc Spartans to cleanup well. i figured I had nothing to lose so this is how I did it! the picture is before and after its pretty easy to see

Step 1: Materials

this is kind of just my makeshift attempt of making an instructible this is my first one. materials youll need: vinegar small tray brushes and shoes.

Step 2: Step One

this step is pretty straight forward just pour the vinegar into the dish

Step 3: Step 2

take the brushes and dip them in the dish then start to brush the sides do that then when they start to get dry wipe them up with paper towels until there white then keep doing that until they are all white on the rubber

Step 4: Done!

now just wipe down the shoes with a wet paper towel wet with vinegar now just let dry as they dry the smell of vinegar will disapate