Introduction: How to Turn on Your Ipad When Its Totally Dischagered....

hello, and thanks for taking a look at my instructable about how to make your ipad turn on when its discharged.
i thought it would be cool to show you a hack i learned a while ago so, enjoy :)

Step 1: Step One...

As you can see, my ipad is laying down completely flat on a flat surface.
make sure your device is on a flat surface, or the hack will not work.
Another safety precaution for you and your device is to make sure theres
absolutly no water on your surface because water will cause damage according to what we will be doing in a moment.

Step 2: Step Two...

now that your device is completely ready, you may proceed to the next step. so what you need to do is gently give your device a slight rub on the back for at least 12 seconds.

Step 3: Step Three

now, for step three you will need a bowl of 1-2 cups of rice. you will have to put your ipad all the way under the rice, so you cant see it.Now just let it rest for a good 3 minutes.
(now you can obviously get rid of the rice).

Step 4: Step Four.....

now...hold the power button on your device for 3 seconds and you should see your ipad or device on!