How to Use Counterfit Usb to Serial Chips in Windows 8

Introduction: How to Use Counterfit Usb to Serial Chips in Windows 8

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ok, so if you have a dkduino or anything that has a prolific usb to serial chip but its counterfit, you would have probably tried for hours to get it to work, here is the solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAH WOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Step 1: Go Into the Settings

type device installation settings into search and click it, make sure its set up like the picture so it wont update to the latest driver that has the counterfit blocking thingy and install the WORKING DRIVER from the zip i uploaded
there you go you have a fully working device
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    6 years ago

    Guys need windows key can go site to got. My key got here and after i used is works properly.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I found a way to do it without changing the automatic driver update option.

    My problem is that it is a chip that was no more supported, not a counterfeit one though. But if your drivers are simply an older version then it should work.

    I had a usb to ttl serial cable from Adafruit but i found out that the old black version they don't sell anymore (the one i had) needed those drivers that didn't work with windows 8. I also found out it was a driver problem and that older versions of the drivers actually worked. I absolutely refused to buy the new cables because Prolific was lazy/greedy/incompetent but turning off driver updates just for a 10$ thing seemed unreasonable. I ultimately succeeded in getting it to work without doing so.

    You need to turn your internet off (perhaps not necessary), uninstall the driver software in the "uninstall a program" panel(if you didn't install the latest drivers from an installer you might not find anything), go to "device manager", find your device (should have a warning sign), uninstall the driver for it and install the driver downloaded with the "browse my computer for driver software" option. Your device should now work. Now turn internet back on. Because of the automatic driver update setting, it should have gotten the last version and stopped working again. Now simply click roll back driver which should now be an option. Your computer is now using the old driver with windows 8 with drivers updates still on.