Wrapping a Mini Mag-lite With Paracord

Introduction: Wrapping a Mini Mag-lite With Paracord

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Wrap your mini mag-lite with an easy paracord wrap

Step 1: Materials

you need a

•knife or scissors
•the mini mag-lite
•6.5 feet of paracord

Step 2: Starting the Wrap

make a small knot at the top then start your first stitch. you take the long string and make a loop behind the Maglite. then pull the same string over the Maglite and through the loop pull very tight.

Step 3: Continue Wrapping

continue wrapping until the seam that you take the batteries out of.

Step 4: Ending

to end cut the left over string. burn the the stub to the last knot so it will not go anywhere.

Step 5: Now You Are Done

with the paracord on the mag-lite you can have more grip and can use the paracord for other things.

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    lost me on the first step. ill try someone else