Introduction: Hugs Are Free!

OK so your upset and no one wants to give you a hug. the instructables hugger 2000 will give you the best hug experience. and plus who doesn't love a good hug. so just hang in there and build this cardboard robot for your own hugger 2000

Step 1: Yay! Materials

first check what materials you have. you will need...
  • PVC / or something for the arms *
  • a big cardboard box and a small one+ some extra *
  • scissors *
  • duct tape (any kind) *
  • an old pillow *
  • construction paper and craft materials (optional) *

Step 2: The Soft Tummy

start by putting your big box upright so it stands at its tallest. then put your pillow in the front of your robots body. duct tape it on to the front so it stays put on your robo friend's tummy.

Step 3: The Arms

not too many pics for this step, but you have to poke a hole with your scissors and then poke in the arms then tape them upwards like so. this will cause them to just beg for a hug.

Step 4: The Head

next take the small box and make face on it. to do this I used marbles for the eyes and marker for the mouth. if there is a opening in the head cover it with some extra cardboard secure the head with some duct tape.

Step 5: Let Him Talk

most simply just take some paper and write what you want him to say. i said......

WHO WANTS A HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Step 6: Now Customize Him

customize your new friend with markers and cloth maybe make him a paper coat.