Introduction: Add Some Velcro Inside

Use some self-adhesive Velcro in a couple of the corners to hold some accessories. You can also put Velcro various places to hold the iPad mini or keyboard if needed.

I put the rough hook side of the Velcro in the case.

Step 1: Add Velcro to Accessories

Add the soft loop side of the Velcro to your charger(s).

You could also make a Velcro loop to hold ear buds or for coiling up the cables.

Step 2: Add Keyboard and Accessories

Add your keyboard to the case. This Logitech one just fits perfectly! Add some Velcro to the case and back of the keyboard to keep it from sliding around if it's got a little extra room.

Also, you can orient the charger to help latch the keyboard in place when carrying.

Step 3: Add the IPad Mini

Add your iPad mini. Depending on the case you have, you might have a little extra room, so add a square or two of Velcro to secure if needed.

This drop/splash/kid resistant iPad mini case is a great fit.

Add the iPad charger as well. You might decide to put the charger Velcro on opposite corners if you need two charging blocks. Here we're using one block and can swap out the cords for charging as needed.

Step 4: Complete!

Now you can use the case with iPad and keyboard still inside on the plane, in the car, or just use it to keep all your parts and pieces together when out on the town.

Moms: It's also good for keeping little toddler fingers from strewing your items everywhere! While the case is not waterproof, it does protect from moderate spills and sticky fingers, etc. I recommend a waterproof iPad mini case, like the one shown.

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