Introduction: IPad Optimized Kitchen Pegboard

When I went to install a pegboard in my kitchen, I figured I'd have it double as a kitchen home for my iPad. The iPad is a great kitchen accessory, but trying to keep it away from all my spills and messes has been a challenge. I created this cool, out-of-the-way spot for it to live when its telling me how to cook.

Step 1: Prep

 I began by cutting my support slats down to 40" (I had them trim my pegboard at the hardware store to my measurements). It's always important when you're hanging heavy items on walls to make sure that you're distributing the weight of your items across a broad area. I use 3 slats that are mounted with anchors into drywall on one side and studs on another, then attach the pegboard to that. I made sure that my support slats were level and I measured to make sure the center slat (where the two pieces of pegboard join) is situated in the middle.

Step 2: Hanging the Pegboard

 Once all three support slats are properly anchored into the wall, it's time to attach the pegboard. I used 1 1/4" screws with silver washers to attach the board to the slats. Its important to make sure that the top board is absolutely level and flush before you screw it in, so that other boards that butt-up against it lay flush. 

Step 3: The Pegs

Once the boards have been properly hung, its time to start arranging your pegs to your liking. Playing with the arrangement can be fun as well. I also bought a kitchen clock from ikea to put on top. It looms over me to tell me that I haven't planned enough time to cook before my guests arrive. 

To create the iPad holder, I used two J-hooks that were flat on the bottom to provide support underneath. They have about 1" of space where you can hang things, so the iPad with its case fit in beautifully. If you're a bit more confident and don't want to use a case, using smaller J-hooks will create a tighter grip around the device. I used two larger D-hooks on top that are normally used for pliers, etc, but turned them upside-down to stabilize the top of the iPad.