Introduction: IPod Stealth Jacket/Gunk Protector

As a girl who travels alot, and carry's alot of junk in my purse/bag, my new iPod Touch is at risk not just from gunk in my purse/bag/pocket, but from banging around.
So I came up with a solution.

This was a slim hinge wallet. Girls, you see `em everywhere. From dollar stores, to big brand/glam shops. They come in different patterns, but the same general size.

So, you need a slim hinge wallet, a pair of scissors and a utility knife.

*This one's a plain jean covered one that im going to decorate with markers latter!
*Perfect for hiding you iPod while at school!

Step 1: Gutting the Wallet

Take the Utility Knife and Scissors, and trim the guts out of the inside of the wallet.
If you would like, you can even cut or punch a hole for the earphones cord along the end or corner.

Depending on how the inside is made, some wallets can have a card holder that can be left inside so it can still function as a wallet!

Step 2: Using the Stealth Wallet

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