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You have a lot of beads but want to save money and space instead of buying a new storage box ? This being my case, I remembered a craft that I had learned to do in school when I was a kid !

A small storage with drawers made of matchboxes, super cute, easy, practical, customizable and economical to do. I then told myself that, if you do not already know this trick, it would be super nice to share it with you!

FRENCH VERSION : http://blog.sparklium.com/tuto-boite-a-perles/

Step 1: [ S U P P L I E S ]

(1) EMPTY MATCHBOXES (real or made for hobbies).
(2) GLUE transparent.
(3) PENCIL (with an eraser, in case of mistakes).
(4) SCISSORS + a ruler.
(5) PIN, toothpick or needle (here I used a tool for polymer clay).
(6) FASTENERS of the color and shape of your choice.
(7) ADHESIVE SHEETS of the color and pattern of your choice.

Step 2: [ B a S E ]

(1) Superimpose your matchboxes first to preview the layout that you want.
(2) Next, apply glue to the surface of each box that will stack on top of another.
(3) Overlay the boxes as in step (1) but this time gluing them.
(4) Make sure to always adjust the boxes in height and width.

Step 3: [ G L U I N G ]

(5) If a box is upside down, do not move everything, just turn the drawer.
(6) Lightly press the top of the boxes so that the glue adheres well between them.
(7) Then, press again each side and let it dry.
(8) Then customize each side by first measuring their width and length.

Step 4: [ C U S T O M I Z I N G ]

(9) Put the measures taken, on the back of the adhesive sheet, with the pencil.
(10) Cut out the adhesive sheet following these measurements and then paste it around the boxes.
(11) Press everything lightly again so that the sheet adheres well to the boxes.
(12) Then drill each drawer of the boxes with a pin.

Step 5: [ F I N I S H I N G ]

(13) Put in each holes of the boxes a fastener.
(14) Then put all the drawers back in the boxes and your storage is created !
(15) Tip 1: Although small, its capacity allows to store beads, charms, etc.
(16)Tip 2: Personally, I chose to gather all the material from one of my accessory collections, to find everything more easily.

Step 6: [ E N J O Y ]

That's it, you can now store all your beads inside !



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    2 Discussions

    Kink Jarfold

    7 months ago on Step 6

    Nicely explained. Now if they only made larger match boxes for me to organize the parts in my work shop.

    1 reply
    InsolitisKink Jarfold

    Reply 7 months ago

    Thank you! It's possible to create this type of storage bigger with shoe boxes, but unfortunately without the drawers ...