12v Powerbank - USB to 12v





Introduction: 12v Powerbank - USB to 12v

You only need 3 simple things

- A boost converter (This is the cheapest with voltmeter, the same i use)


- A USB Cable

- And is optional, but a estandar DC power plug is usefull

Then connect, adjust the output voltage to 12v and thats all :)

Step 1: Its Simple But Very Usefull

A lot of things works on 12v, and now you have a battery for all of them.

Look a example of how many things you can use it on the right of this image.



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    5 Discussions

    Awesome hack indeed! Would that charge a Mavick air using the car charger? (12v i reckon but please double check) please let me know I'm desperately looking for a way to get charge while out in the field

    usb port provides very low current, 6v battery with much higher capacity is needed for that

    because it's adjustable !!! output from 10-30v ....every time you adjust it, you don't have to use multimeter.

    The car ceiling fan rules...maybe a little impractical but very cool nonetheless.