220V to 24V 15A Power Supply | Switching Power Supply | IR2153




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Hi guy today We make 220V to 24V 15A Power Supply | Switching Power Supply | IR2153 from ATX power supply.

Step 1: Choise the PSU

I use OLD COMPUTER PSU about 300w from china. I cut all the wire not necessary

Step 2: Take the Necessary Component

The first i use iron solder for take 2 big heatsink. We only use the heatsink, all transistor and mosfet we don't use after that, I take 2 capacitor 330uF/200v, capacitor 105

Step 3: The Transformer and Inductor

We have the transformer, inductor 2 big capacitor 330uF/200v,2 heatsink,2 resistor 330K , 1 fuse 5A/250V, 1 NTC MF725D9. The tranformer don't have the CT pin. The inductor have 6 pin. 2 pin of small wire we don't use.

Step 4: Buy More Component

We need to buy some component.

2 capacitor 1uF/275v.

1 Line Filter Transformer.

1 Bridge diode KBL610.

1 Capacitor 220uF/16V

1 Capacitor 1uF/50V

1 Diode UF4007

1 Resistor 47K/5W

1 Resistor 10K

2 Resistor 22 ohm

1 capacitor 1n (102)

2 Mosfet irf730 ( irf740,irf840..)

1 Double diode 20100CT

1 Capacitor 100n (104)

1 resistor 10K

1 led 5mm

1 capacitor 1000uF/50V

1 socket 8 pin

1 IC IR2153

For more detail: Please copy the name of component and paste to google image search

Step 5: The Schematic and PCB

The Schematic i design by Eagle Software and make PCB use Sprintlayout software. I hava attach the PDF file for you make it by yourself at home. If you want the good PCB you can upload gerber file to JLCPCB.COM, i alway make PCB online from JLCPCB.COM They cheap and good quality. You can download all of them below Gerber file, Schematic and PCB at PDF file

Step 6: Solder the Component, Some Thing About 750W 24V DC Motor Speed Controler

At the top of PCB we have the name of component, you just put exacly component and solder. 750W 24V DC motor speed controler i have show you in previous project, you can check again for more detail

Step 7: Firts Test 24V 15 Power Supply

For the first test. We must to connect with 220V/100W light bulb. If your project failure the light will on and you be safety.

Step 8: ​Connect 24V/15A DC Power Supply and 24V 750W DC Motor Speed Control

Connect 24V/15A DC power supply and 24V 750W DC motor speed control. Thank for watching. If you have any problem please contact me, i will help you



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    10 Discussions


    17 days ago

    hi LongTech,
    Nice project.
    How to change it for dual supply(24V-0-24V)?
    Please help.


    3 months ago

    hi i make this yes i make this but this not auto supply.i mean input 100v to 220v .plz help
    me how to make this auto supply .sory for english.thankyou sir.


    Question 3 months ago

    hi LongTech,

    Quite some skill on display, including that desoldering on the ATX PSU board!
    Ii have come across your instructable after googling "MF725D9". Yep, I have one of those Chinese PSUs as well. Mine is a bit different though, I am looking to reuse some of the components there too, but for another purpose. Could you perhaps help me identify the transformers / inductors that I have (much harder than yourself) scrapped off of it ?

    Ii can see how you took out 24 V from the big one - I think mine has that so called "CT pin" (as in the pictures below). Can I wire it the same as you did in order to get 24V ? My end goal would be 12V or even better 5V & 3.3V.

    Thank you very much!


    R Gladney

    10 months ago

    Great project. Your Circuit board is correct, but I see one change needed to the schematic. Suggest deleting the line from C7+ to the Drain of Q1 and add a new line from the Drain of Q1 to C1+. (Q1 as shown cannot drive positive current into the transformer because R7 will limit that current to a few milliamps).

    1 reply
    LongTechnicalR Gladney

    Reply 10 months ago

    That is my fault. I will edit again .Thank you very much.


    10 months ago on Step 8

    congratulations on such a nice instructable. Please post the power/current testing results. Does it really give 15 Amperes? The ferrite transformer present in a SMPS has 12Volts output and -12 Volts with center tapping. it can not produce 24Volts by the schematics you have posted, unless the windings are modified. Please post the details of the transformer modifications.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 months ago

    I use the transformer from ATX power supply without modify windings. You are right.In ATX PSU it has 12Volts output and -12 Volts with center tapping and run at about 25khz but in my project it run at 47khz so the output voltage will double.


    10 months ago

    This looks like a nice project. Thanks for sharing.

    It looks like your schematic of the power supply has an error. The Drain of the Top MOSFET. needs to be connected to the rectifier output and you have it connected to the bootstrap diode. so how did you make it work? also you did not mention if u made changes to the transformer to get 24/28VDC and if you did then what changes did you make? also there is no current limit protection. an accidental short on the output and poooffff!!!!! So can you please make the corrections and also show the changes to the transformer. I think making short circuit current protection may require a bigger change so maybe change the MOSFET's to high power ones which will withstand a short circuit until the fuse goes.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 months ago

    I'm so sorry for that. You right the schematic has error The Drain of the Top MOSFET needs to be connected to the rectifier output. I make the schematic by Eagle software and make PCB by SprintLayout. I will edit Schematic again. The PCB not error.

    This is a simple switching PSU without voltage feedbacks. Default the transformer run at 47kHz ( f = 1/(1.4*(Rt+75)*Ct) (Rt=15K Ct=0.000000001 F)

    Because winding switching transformer very difficult with someone so i use the transformer form old ATX . IF we want to change the output voltage we need to winding transformer again.

    I think change the MOSFET's to high power ones which will withstand a short circuit until the fuse goes are great idea. The mosfet can change to 20N60 mosfet with 20A and 600V