$30 Light Box/Comp Table

A must have and super easy project for your everyday artist... Turn any old glass table into a light box/comp table.

Light boxes are usually used for sketching and drawing. Also used for viewing transparencies or photo negatives (do those still even exist?).

Composition tables provide a work area to cut and assemble art projects.

Here is the secret - use a "lens refill" from any standard kitchen fluorescent box. These are available at any big home improvement store. These come in different sizes and textures.

I am working with a 5ft x 3 ft glass table, so I got a 4ft x 2ft piece in "WHITE cracked ice" texture.

White lens come out opaque and work best for this project. Clear lens are obviously transparent.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Here are all the supplies you will need for this project:

1 glass table
2 clamp light
1 pack of square double sided mounting tape
1 Tape measurer
1 Lens refill for a fluorescent light box

Step 2: Measure Out the Placement

Place the lens refill in the middle of the glass table and measure out the distance from the edges for a perfectly centered placement.

Once measured and placed, pop a square double sided mounting tape onto each corner. If you have a rectangular piece, then place a couple on the middle edges of the lens for extra support.

Step 3:

Once the lens is secured with the double sided tape, flip the glass over and place it back on the stand.

This will allow you to have a clean and even working surface.

Step 4:

Clamp on your lights where you see fit. Adjust as necessary, so it casts the light where you need it to be.

Step 5:

Turn on the lights and you are ready to work!



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