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After having to scrap many prints repeatedly because of mistakes and ending up with unfinished parts that were only a couple layers thick, I realized the print was fairly flexible if it was thin. I thought I'd try this out for making jewelry. Since it is Halloween time, I designed a stitched neck & wrist set and bloody slit neck choker for an easy addition to your costume. Or, for if you want to dress up without dressing up ;)

I haven't tried to damage these, but they seem fairly durable despite being so thin.


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Step 1: Supplies

All you need are the files and a couple extra pieces for the jewelry (and, of course, a 3D printer).


Step 2: Designs

I used Tinkercad to create my designs with a little bit of help from Vectary.

Bloody Design


When I approached the slit neck, I had some trouble. I was trying to use spheres and cylinders but everything looked too mechanical, not smooth enough for what I wanted. Then I remembered the drawing tool they released recently. It worked perfectly. I started by making the base of the necklace (the slit) and then started making blobs dripping down. I erased and added until I was happy with the results.

After I had the design, I "completed" it to put it on the design bed. I changed the depth so it would only be 2 layers thick when I printed it and then added a hole at each end to attach to the chain and clasp. I made the design space the same size as my printer bed so I would know the biggest I could make it (I also printed it diagonally to get it as big as I could). My bed isn't big enough to make a necklace that reaches all the way around my neck, but I could get it close enough that I could finish it off with a chain.

To give the design a little something extra, I brought it into the webtool Vectary and used the extrude and smoothing functions to give the drips some extra depth. I kept the band itself at 2 layers to allow it to bend around the neck. I think the drops look nicer but it can be more uncomfortable to wear. Also, because I don't really know what I'm doing, the design needs to be brought below the Z plane in the slicer to ensure it prints correctly.

Stitched Design

Thinner Tinckerad - for regular filament

Thicker Tinkercad - for flexible filament

The stitched neck was a little difficult. The base of it is pretty straightforward and only comes out to two layers. I decided I could make the stitches thicker as they didn't need to bend like the base of the necklace did. So I used a Mobius and circles to make stitches and then crossed them to give it some variety. I also made the stitches different sizes so it wouldn't be too uniform.

Like the previous necklace, I made it diagonal on the board so I could print it as long as possible.

For fun, I made some bracelets at 5, 5.5, and 6 inches to go with the necklace.

Step 3: Print (and Spray)

Printing these is pretty straightforward. Double check in your Slicer that they aren't too thick before you print them. If they are, go back to the design and make it thinner and export it again.

Remember that if you print the thicker bloody necklace, you'll need to bring it down so that the band is only 2 layers.

If you printed them in the right colors, you're done. If not, you need to spray them. Originally, I didn't have any red filament so I printed the blood one in copper and then sprayed just the outside. I didn't see a point on spraying the side against my skin. I also put a sealer to give it a little glossy shine.

Step 4: Pre-jewelry Findings

Here is a look at them before adding the chain and clasp.

From top to bottom there is the Stitched Bracelet, Stitched Choker, Thin Slit Neck Choker, and Thicker Slit Neck Choker.

Both of the slit neck chokers were printed in the same red, but the thicker design makes the red look a bit darker.

Step 5: Adding Jewelry Findings

Now add on your jewelry findings.

Since the necklace isn't long enough, I put a clasp on one end and a chain on the other so it can be adjustable too.

Step 6: Finished Necklaces

They are meant to be worn as chokers but loosen them as much as you need to to be comfortable.

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12 months ago

Great items but you could have used flexible filament and it would of been easier on your neck but really great idea after all and as 2 others have said Gross.

2 replies
Penolopy Bulnickwaffleon

Reply 12 months ago


I did consider flexible filament and do have a roll, but the goal I was going for was to show how you could make a 3D print "flexible" with any filament so you wouldn't have to invest in special filament :)

But yes, you can totally do this with flexible filament and I plan to as soon as I convince myself to open up that new filament (I hate having so many rolls open at once)!


12 months ago

Really great effect! Awesome idea and execution.

1 reply
Kink Jarfold

12 months ago on Step 6

Nicely done. Now make one with two vampire bites on a chain around the neck. Bet with all the Vamp lovers out there your masterofnone boutique will sell a bundle. KJ

1 reply

12 months ago

Great idea! Well done. You got my vote ;)

1 reply
Alex in NZ

12 months ago

These look amazing and is a brilliant twist on the idea of 3-D printing. Thank you so much for sharing this idea.

Also, as Mikeasaurus says "gross. I love it." :-)

1 reply
Penolopy BulnickAlex in NZ

Reply 12 months ago

Thank you! And while I love this grossness, I'm excited to come up with other non-gross designs that use this idea :)

Tura Street

12 months ago

Amazing. Love all of your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome instructable.