3D Printed Ball Joint Without Dissolvable Support Material




Introduction: 3D Printed Ball Joint Without Dissolvable Support Material

This model can be done in one print without the use of dissolvable support material

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Step 1: Go to Thingiverse

1. Go to Thingiverse to download the .stl file for the ball joint.

Step 2: Create Gcode

2. Use ReplicatorG/Makerware/etc. to create the gcode for the print. 
Print the file (I used no raft but full support with a 15% infil, .2 mm layer height and 2 shells)

Step 3: Print!

3. Print the file. Knock out the support material that is used for the ball part of the print. Now, the ball should be free to swivel inside the housing. 

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    Did you fabricate this model at TechShop? Could you explain what you would use this part for?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    No, I just got a Replicator about a month ago! This is a WIP for an adjustable desktop iphone stand.