3D Printing With Axiom Airwolf & Cura

Intro: 3D Printing With Axiom Airwolf & Cura

An easy-peasy method for printing your parts on the Axiom printer using Cura software.

Step 1: Download Cura Software

Step 2: Open a Print "Profile"

On the USB stick included with the printer are several pre-made options for print settings. For the Axiom, use any of the ABS profiles (such as: ABS_precision_raft)

Once you open the profile, you will notice the settings in both the Basic & Advanced tabs have changed.

Step 3: Double-Check Your Machine Settings

Open the "Machine Settings" and make sure they look like the ones pictured here.

Step 4: Add Your .STL File

Load your .STL file and apply any rotations/scaling/etc you may need. Make sure to click "Lay Flat" afterwards to ensure the part is flush with the printer's build platform.

Step 5: Export GCode

Finally, simply save your GCode file to the provided SD card.

- Pop it into the machine

- Select "Print from SD Card"

- Select your file and that's it!



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    2 years ago

    Good info, thank you for sharing!