3Doodled Box With Lid




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This is a very simple box with jumprings for hinges allowing the top to move back and forth yet stay attached to the rest of the box.

Step 1: BoM

3Doodler filament

3Doodler Pen



Step 2: Outline and Fill

I started my box with an outline and then colored in the edges and kept going around and around in a steady line as best I could. It didn't always work. When all 6 sizes were done, I trimmed them and filled in any holes.

Step 3: Sides

I started with the bottom and then carefully attached the sides with more filament. I went around until all the sides were attached to the bottom piece as well as each other.

Step 4: Lid

I poked small, corresponding holes in one side of the box and the lid. Then I slid small jump rings into the holes and twisted them closed.



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    1 year ago

    That is funny... In a wierd way. Turns out I am getting a 3doodler type pen. Ought to make a piggy bank with it to enhance this idea.