5 Simple Toothpaste Life Hacks

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Toothpaste comes in a number of flavors and brands today and many people buy it to get the whitest and brightest smiles possible. There are actually a number of other uses for this common household item, many of which may surprise you. Take the toothpaste with you and look at these unique and pretty awesome life hacks for toothpaste.

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(00:12) Keep the Toothpaste Tube Squeezed with a Binder Clip

This simple life hack will help you to keep your toothpaste tube nicely squeezed.

(00:47) Remove Scuff Marks

You can use toothpaste to get rid of those scuff marks on LCD screens or virtually anything else in your home. Just use a damp cloth with toothpaste to scrub away grime and scuff marks.

(02:33) Repair Scratched CDs and DVDs

Toothpaste can be used to safely and effectively remove scratches from CDs and DVDs. You just have to rub a bit of toothpaste on the CD with a soft cloth and then remove with a clean cloth.

(04:26) Repair Walls

Using this life hacks you can repair small holes in the wall with toothpaste. Just use it like spackle by spreading it over the damaged area and then sanding it down a bit whenever it dries. If you need to repaint the walls, you can paint directly over toothpaste with no problem.

(04:58) Clean Walls

This life hack will help you to remove many common marks with toothpaste. Just dampen a cloth and add a bit of toothpaste. Rub the stains and then should easily disappear. Then simply rinse clean with warm water to remove the residue.

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