56sec Animation Test

About: Iam an Aerospace engineer, animation is my hobby.
Made in flash 8. Total 1336 frames 24fps and run time is about 55.6 secs. Took three weeks to complete (each day 2hrs). Hope you all like it. Main purpose is to test cam movements, sound effects and BG motion. 40+ layers and 150+ symbols were used. I can say this is quite a big test.

How It was made:

This animation was not pre-planned i just want to test some of the things like cam movements, Background motion, sound effects and animation smoothness. In order to check these things i tried to create an animation and this is the end result. First of all iam not pro in animating iam just a beginner. I dont create any storyboard, i just imagine a story and implement it. 

The robo jump, walk cycle, run cycle, and kick are frame by frame animation while the BG, robo arm and other movements are done using motion tween. Each and every scene will be created in a separate .fla file and convert the scene into graphic symbol and finally import it to the main flash(movie) file.

BG motion: At 17:00 secs in the video the background was split into three parts front, middle and rear. Always in reality the front most part will be moving faster than the middle and rear. So accordingly you can set the required speed that matches your character walk speed.

Extras: If you would like to download the walk cycle, run cycle as shown in this movie please download it from here.

Cam used: Virtual Camera AS 2.0

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    5 years ago

    This is Instructables, not "Look at my video". But, I am an animator myself and it's pretty cool. Back in the day, I drew everything by hand and scanned every single frame...and all post was done with photoshop and premiere. Good stuff...keep working at it. My only tip is to learn how and implement views of your characters that aren't just side and front views...a few 3/4 views would make this much better.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry for my misunderstanding. Thank you, ya i know i have to train myself for varying views as well iam a beginner but sure to improve soon.


    5 years ago

    There goes 35 seconds of my life...