#7 USB Powerbank Special - DIY Kit With 18650 Li-ion Batteries Part 2

Introduction: #7 USB Powerbank Special - DIY Kit With 18650 Li-ion Batteries Part 2

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The previous Instructable (#6 Part 1) described amongst other items this kit which I'm going to put together in this video.

The course of true love ne'er did run smooth, says Shakespeare and if Arduino-based electronics is my love then it doesn't always run smooth either! Say What? Let's just say that not every project I attempt goes right first time and in this one you'll see one 'gotcha' that I never expected. I mean, an 18650 battery is an 18650 battery, right? Wrong!

But when faced with obstacles we must overcome and deal with the situation rather than becoming disheartened. And in this I follow my own advice and persevered and have today a very useful power bank that is used for all sorts of 5v USB devices. The only downside of this kit is that if a very small current is drawn (eg a single Nano) then the unit thinks that nothing is being used at all and switches off! Very confusing until you realise what is going on. Ho hum, onwards and upwards. There's always another project on the horizon, thank goodness.

Anyway, enough of my meanderings, I'll let you look at the video and be, if nothing else, entertained and informed - edutainment, as they call it these days!

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