Add NFC to Your Bluetooth Speakers!




Introduction: Add NFC to Your Bluetooth Speakers!

Do you want to be able to share your BT speaker with your friends easily?

Do you hate connect your phone to your BT speaker as much as I do?
1. Going to settings
2. Turning your BT on
3. Search for devices
4. Select device
5. Connect to device

Bleeehhh! >:P

What if I told you you could do it in one step after this tutorial?

Or just wanna upgrade your (old) BT speaker; just because you can?? ;)

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Step 1: Find Out Witch Type of NFC You Need.

I was looking for BT audio dongles for a friend of mine; a few had NFC; it made me think; how would such thing work?

Is it an active method? Or is it passive?
I think I can do it passively!
Let's look on ebay.

I found out there where multiple types of NFC; different wavelength, different storage-size and different uses.
which one do I need?

I've found out that I need, and it's the: NXP MIFARE - NTAG213
Multiple forums state hey're the best allround choice for most mobile devices.

Step 2: Purchasing.

I bought my NFC-tags on at 6 for €2,
but chances are, that you might find them somewhere China even cheaper ;')

Step 3: Writing the Tags.

Good options are: Trigger & NFC Tools.

My advice is; use em both, every time.
They both make your phone slightly react different; and the one time you like the one's app outcome more than the other.

(note: at the time that I actually made this i'ble this was the best way... since then the apps changed very much in a good way; so you might be good now with just one of them)

The programs are fairly easy to use :)
The're quite straight forward and no coding necessary; that has been done for you ^^
Just fiddle around a bit; and you'll get the hang off it easily :D

Step 4: Testing & Placing the Tag.

I thought;
"Let's put it behind the battery-lid for testing! :D "
Abd then I was all like;
"Ahw menn; why ain't it working :( "

Thus I've found out the hard way; these tags don't work on/near metal :\

There's probably a good scientific reason for; but I can tell you without these specifics; it won't work.

Step 5: 1st Contact.

When I used Trigger it only prompted me once.
Every other time after this; it will simply connect when tapping your tag; without any other button-clicking required! :D

Step 6: Done!

Enjoy your deserved laziness ;D

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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I've actually bought some cheap "NFC" speakers off ebay that have just had a passive tag stuck in them like this instead of a real NFC pairing circuit.

    While this is handy to stop from having to go into the menus etc, you still have to power on and go to pairing mode on the speaker yourself. Tapping that tag when someone else is connected will not disconnect them so the new phone can connect either.


    4 years ago

    I believe they are powered by an inductor like coil inside the sticker that why they don't work far away or behind metal.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I didn't do the research on how this works; but my logic made me believe so too :)
    I know the knowledge and science is way past this; and its just a law low volt gimmick and just a few k.b. were talking about; but it is all still very nifty how (fast) this works :3


    Reply 4 years ago

    It is! ^^
    Geel free to let me know if you have done it :D
    And maybe even how you have done it better, cheaper and/or more efficient :)