Adding Length to the Workbench



Introduction: Adding Length to the Workbench

About: I am new to instructables so please bare with me at times , will be much appreciated .love music & playing guitar love crossbow,s enjoy making things out of nothing up for new challenges, ie projects. c...

sorry but this is an instructable looking for inspiration .

with my workshop.

i extended my 3 ft bench to 6 ft.

but im not sure about it.

basically i am looking for thumbs up or thumbs down.

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Step 1: 1 Made From a Pallet of Wood

this was made using 1 pallet.

and has become my sharpening and sawing station .

Step 2: How It All Started

i began using the middle bit with the vice on it.

just making, small crossbows and i began carving

at this point all that was there was the cabinet ,

and the odd tool

Step 3: Tools Became a Hobby

by now i had a good few tools

and became addicted to buying tools.

which was a hobby of its own.

Step 4: Not Enough ROOM

i began thinking about extending my 3 ft bench and a pallet

topped with ply wood.

then i gave the bench all the angles needed to make it flush with my 3ft bench

the back legs were bolted to the wall.

after planing and adding wood filler which went on nicely as i made sure the benches sit flush.


as you can see the bench near the door , the shellac after fixing the ply as the top made it look like an expensive piece of wood

2-3 coats.

and i now have a 6 ft bench , with the separate 3 ft station.

plus the bench which has the dremel drill press & other tools, made of thick fibre wood coated with lots of duck tape, and battens glued & brad nailed , that added gives me 9ft and another 3 ft 12 ft in total

any feedback good or bad will be much appreciated .

as im not sure i done the right thing,

space is ok but a little bigger would be great,

storage is an issue.

please can someone give me a thumbs up if you like it.

or thumbs down if you think i can improve the shop.

kind regards

Step 5:

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