All-in-One Coffee Machine



Hi 'Instructables'! Welcome to an international team from Germany and Russia. Our names are: Andrey, Lars, Alexey, Martin, Slava and Zhenya. We all fall in love with mechanics and electronics, we are learning in technical universities. And we all love coffee! Therefore, in the eighth school Fab Lab Polytech we decided to make the coffee machine!

Step 1: It's Idea Time

The coffee is a drink for every day. But people waste too much time trying to make coffee. In order to simplify people's lives and save their time, we decided to automate this process. And some mechanisms, engines and coffee pads were helped us in that work.

List of materials:

  • Stepper Motor 28BYJ-48 5V-DC 4pcs
  • Motor Driver A4988 4pcs
  • Arduino Uno
  • Wires
  • Nuts 4mm 6pcs
  • Rings 12pcs
  • Threaded rod
  • Wood plates 200x11x8mm
  • Metal cup
  • Aluminum plate 110x110x8
  • Sealing ring
  • Pump
  • Boiler
  • Water tank
  • Spring
  • Steel ball 36pcs
  • And of course - Coffee pads

Step 2: Сoncept

Our coffee machine consists of several parts:

  • carousel cups of coffee with the definition of the presence of the cup;
  • unit for coffee brewing;
  • transporter coffee pads;
  • coffee pads' separator.

Step 3: Сircus Has Arrived

We cut out a platform for cups with a laser machine. Connected it to the motor. For the best sliding we used steel balls.

Step 4: The Whole Truth in Coffee

We took a water boiler, pump and tank with an old coffee machines. From steel mug and wood we made a hermetic chamber for brewing coffee. From aluminum sheet we cut plate with holes for pouring.

Step 5: You Spin Me Round

It's simple: you put coffee pads on the platform, and it gives you one by one while rotating them. Profit! Rotation is realized by stepping motor and the threaded rod.

Step 6: Electronics

We have Martin and Martin have Arduino. He connected sensors and motors to the Arduino to our project gained the mind and movement.

Step 7: Environment

To make our dreams come true, we did our project in Fab Lab Polytech, where there is everything necessary for the implementation of engineering ideas: laser, milling machines and 3D-printers.

Step 8: Conclusion

At this school we did not complete project, but we have successfully implemented our plans, and discussed future steps, learned about the skills and abilities of each of us. We all believe that our coffeemachine will soon make great coffee!



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