Altoids Tin Watercolor Kit





Introduction: Altoids Tin Watercolor Kit

This was inspired by Truemirrors Altoids Tin mini watercolor paintbox. I wanted a very small travel watercolor kit to go with my moleskine pad.

Step 1: Paintbox in Altoids Small Tin

Following Truemirrors directions, I made an Altoids small tin into a paint box. I could only fit 6 colors. There is room in the larger tin for a small tube, so that gives me 7 colors.

Step 2: All Together

Here is the tin all together. It contains:
Extra tube of paint
Pencil w/eraser
Pencil Sharpener
Water in a Japanese bento box container for sauce
Paper towel on the bottom.



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    ahh! that was just the tweak I needed! I need to make 10 mini-paint kits that are portablle for my cub scouts to take on our hike. I liked the idea of altiods tins, but the larger ones put me over my budget. The small ones will work perfectly! The way you did these is just perfect. Thanks!

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    Just came across this wonderful altoids tin watercolor kit great idea now I can watercolor anytime!

    It could, but the acrylics would have to be in very small tubes. I believe that you can get very small refillable tubes for bento boxes.

    This is a great idea! And I've always loved how the 'smalls' tin fits right inside the regular Altoids tin.