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About: I made a beer mug with only a knife and a hatchet. I think that says a lot about me.

To me, summer's all about long days, long evenings, beers around the fire, enjoying nature, workin' hard & sleeping less.

To make these evenings a success, good furniture is a must, I learned.

Of course, you can buy fancy stuff that'll make you feel like you definitevely made it in this life, showing your social status to everyone and anchoring your place in the system of consumers, or you can make it by yourself, showing the world that you just don't give a banana.

In my previous project, I cut a cast steel bath tub in pieces to transform them into thrones.

In this project, things will be different, since I'll be cutting another bath tub in pieces to transform them into another throne.

Same project, but twisted. And faster.

Here's the full video.

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Step 1: No Need No Steel

A cast steel bath tub isn't a necessity, in fact. A polyester version will do the job as good - even better, if you want, since you won't sit on a conductive surface that will pump all the energy out of your body.

Try to find an old acrylic bath tub and cut it in two - or buy a new one and enjoy destroying it. You'll need the back side, remember - aka the side that's slightly curved aka the side without the evacuation sinkhole.

Cut it with an angle grinder 76 cm from the edge.

Scientifically proved, that number.

Step 2: No Need No Squares

Instead of nice oak beams, I decided to use local grown cheap stuff. This winter we chopped a few willow trees and instead of cutting them into ready to burn sections I decided to split them lengthwise. Just for fun.

I don't know why I suddenly had the idea, but fact is that it sounded a good one to me to use this brutal stuff to make more furniture.

Needs: a splitting axe or a maul. And a good breakfast.

Step 3: A + B

First of all, some useful measures:

  • all (4) vertical beams are 80cm
  • all (7) horizontal sections are 100cm

Modus operandi:

  • make 2 sides
  • clamp them one to another temporarily
  • add the tub
  • fix them definitively with nice inched nails

Cut the excesses and have it, that good beer.

A bit more than one hour work, and you've got the most awesome - and most comfortable - throne you've ever had.

No need to thank me, it's been a pleasure.

You'll find the full video here.

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Great idea and good implementation. I'm curious to the longevity of this chair vs the steel and oak ones. Please keep us posted!

    5 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanx my friend, the most awesome feature of this thing is that it will be burned with pleasure once not useful anymore - or put to rot further somewhere in our backyard. No need no varnish or oil, just the pleasure of accepting that wood gets old too and turns into food for new trees. Why worry?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Take it a step further and deliberately introduce fungus that you want to eat into the wood? Seems like a fun project.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Tripping fungus? It 'll be the throne that takes you higher! Oh man!!!


    Reply 3 years ago

    If that's what floats your boat, then I'm not going to sink it. That being said, I was thinking more along the lines of an edible chair with shiitake or oyster mushrooms.


    Reply 3 years ago

    No worries, I read between those white lines ;) Oyster mushrooms are on my list, btw - one of those 3.000 projects I need to do before Winter Comes. It's like eating Hobbit, but without the digging...