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I'll be postingsimple pictures of things i make on the CNC machine, because i'm sure there is really nothing to "instruct" for something the computer does most of.

First up, is this antique looking helm wheel that i made. This one was actually a pain to make due to long hours of sanding to get the pieces smooth and flush. It is made with MDF, around 2 feet in diameter and an inch thick. If you see carefully, you can see that i cut out two of the same pieces so both sides of the prop has a depth to it, withouh having to go through the complications of 3d CAD rendering. The main wheel was stained with dark mahogany, and the thin 1/8" mdf plate was painted with some nice rustoleum gold to give it some class~ Everything bonded together with sone Gorilla Glue (best thing ever of course) and voila, a nice sexy helm wheel.

If anyone by chance wants the .crv files for these just message me! I used Aspire by Vectric to produce these vectors and toolpaths.

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    Your antique look wheel prop looks amazing. Even though I am able to tell that it is not the original antique piece, but I have to admit there is that strong resemblance. Of course replicating antiques is a tough job, but I bet those tedious sandings were eventually all worth it.


    Thanks for sharing this, this came out really sweet. Maybe you could do an instructable about how to create tool paths for CNC machines, the 'ibles community is hungry for basic how-tos about CNC.

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