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Introduction: Arduino Animatronic Hand Mark 1

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This is an animatronic hand I built. The fingers, the palm and the forearm are entirely made of wood (poplar to be exact). The fingers are articulated by tendons (fishing line) pulled by motors. Right now, the 5 servo motors are controlled with an Arduino UNO. This protoype can perform a good amount of different "grips" and take or pinch pretty much everything. The hand as an amazing amount of strength even if the parts are made out of wood. Overall, it's a very compact and strong hand and I'm really happy with the results.

Feel free to ask questions about it ! I'm not really into writing hundreds of lines of documentation about what I make, so go ahead !

Thank you for your interest and keep on rockin' !



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    Wow that's awesome! You definitely have a gift.! I made mine out of wood a long time ago but it didn't work and I had to study on how the hand the human hand really works 15 years in the making for me I love building stuff out of absolutely nothing. Here's a picture of my I don't know if I can send video but it works really well now but not finish yet opens and closes like a real hand but still in the works and just a tip if you don't know already it's all about webbing and pulleys amazing!

    wow can you teach me how to rock BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May I get any instructions on how to construct the hand out of wood, dimensions would help too? I think you did a great job on this project. Bravo!

    Fantastic! I have to make one in raw C code. Does the hand anble to have the fingers in tension. I mean extended by itself. Was it rubber bands you are using to keep the fingers straight after they have been flexed?

    Can you please send me the codes ? My email is

    hey, can i get the dimensions of the wooden hand and the schematics of mark-1 wooden hand. it will be of much help for my final year project.

    Hello, I was wonder if I could get the code to make my own hand please. I am working on it, I let you my email:


    I like the way you are actuating your arm .I am working on a similar project like yours . i wonder if i can get the schematics and code for your hand . Are those thimblesense on the finger tips ? Here is my email


    2 years ago


    I was wonder if I could get the code to make my hand machine work. I am working on my final project for my art class and I need this code to make my hand work. Am a student at sjsu please help me out

    -Mikey X

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    ps my email it

    if you what to share the code thank you

    I'd love to make a little more rugged one using some metal contact me please

    Hi for an engineering project this would be amazing to try out please could you send me the code and schematics to

    It would really really help out ^^ Thank you in advanced your project is really awesome!

    Hi i really like this project, i was wondering if you can send me the schematics of the hand and the source code to my email:, thanks in advance!

    Hy! Can you please send me the code and the schematic? ( Thx a lot...bye!!

    My Daughter & I are going to attempt this project, can you please email the source code and schematic info to Thank you!

    Please send me source code and circuit to this e mail id

    Please send me source code and circuit to this e mail id

    Wow, this looks fun! Can't wait to build it. You have a great imagination, I don't thing I've ever used a servo for something like this before :)