Arduino Silicone Bumper

About: Im a 15 year old kid who like to dig around with arduino and electronics...

I've been playing with Arduino for a few years and i don't have a proper case for the arduino nor have silicone bumpers..!(
So i thought of a simple way to make it!! And there is my first instructable ! This is probably the easiest way to make em ...

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Step 1: Materials Needed

First of all you need a few items to get started!:

1)The arduino you need to apply the bumpers
2)Hot glue gun
2)Hot glue

Well thats it.. lets get started!

Step 2: Making the Bumpers

Now its time to make the bumpers for the arduino!!
For this you simply need to  get your glue gun ready and pour (apply) the glue like the bumpers!!
you can do this where ever you want on the arduino..preferably the corner likeIi did..

Step 3: Thats It...

Well thats about it ..These little stuff are pretty useful and is needed for an arduino(to prevent shorts,water contact etc)...
And thanks for looking into my first instructable!!
Ask me if there is any questions!
More instructables comming sooooooon!!!!!

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