Arduino Keychain Camera Modify to Motion Detect Camera

Introduction: Arduino Keychain Camera Modify to Motion Detect Camera

Turn your keychain camcorder into motion detect camera.
When motion detected by HC SR501 PIR sensor, camera turn on, take a picture and turn off, waiting for next motion.

Step 1: Wiring

Wiring is very simple.

After cover removed, cut off the battery. Left some cable, easier solder the new wires.

These two wire connected to the arduino vcc and gnd pin.

Now the buttons:

Solder 2-2 wire to the buttons, as the picture shows

These wires connected to the two transistor Collector and Emitter pin.

If the arduino pin HIGH with a transistor Base connect, short the two wire. (button pushed)

If not working, check the wires, replace Collector-Emitter wire.

The Motion sensor (HC-SR501) connected to arduino pin2.

For more details check the pictures and the test video.

Arduino code

ps: still sorry for my english :)



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    i have just ordered these cameras. i will be working on a video log (time-lapse photography).


    i want arduino to turn this camera on 2 times/day and take a picture (or short video ~2s) once in the morning and once at night

    and upload the data online


    i will be installing it in box1; to keep a log of growth.

    do you think it is possible? i will be using the new cactus micro board, it has onboard wifi chip;


    thanks in advance


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    I am also working on very same project... I am also planning to send the taken pic over the web... will be using an arduino ethernet shield ofr ESP8266 wifi module for the purpose... Still not find a way to read sd card on the cam... lets keep up the contact... Will post here when finished....

    Im just maked a fake microSD with PCB, and connected the wires directly to the keychain camera sd pins.

    But i make mistake, used too slim pcb, so not read sometime, but the first tests good, I can read thekeychain camera sd card with the arduino ethernet shield and this fake sd card, and show this image with the webserver.

    But need other fake sd with another pcb.

    The other big problem: the keychain camera making 250kb images, and the page need 10-15sec to show the image.

    Good point... I think it will work... will be working on this idea.... 10-15 secs image loading is not a problem.. I am thinking about 30secs or 1min refresh time for the web page... maybe longer... no need for frequent refreshes... Making a stable working fake sd card is the real problem... :)

    Fake sd can i mean a sd card extend cable thing :)

    There is a pic of my prototype:

    If im done, making an instructable, but i don't have much time yet.


    I already made similar boards for the purpose and testing. ..


    HI, i think its possible.

    For timing use a DS1307 RTC module.

    For taking picture, is the same way as my instructable. For taking video, you need to use 2-3000 delay at shutter pin.

    The uploading is a tricky part. Im now working a similar project, but with ethernet shield with sd card slot.

    In your case, i think need an sd shield. connect the 808 sd pins to the sd shield card pins, but only the 808 have sd card, the shiled empty, so the shield read the 808 sd too.

    Next step is a basic webpage stored on the sd card. that reading the images from the sd card, and showing on the site.

    Its a little interesting solution, but theoretically working.

    I will use this mehod for an arduino webcam, with "real time" broadcasting.

    (Real time in this case mean ~0,2-0,5fps image streaming)

    yes exactly. use the already existing built in sd card system of the camera, solder it to an empty sd module, so arduino thinks that the camera's sd card is the same. and just read the file and upload it.


    i have just got my camera in the mail today - i think it is a little different than yours; only $6.96 - you have created the cheapest working arduino camera yet, i hope that you are aware of that :)
    i am going to need massive help with my project. here is a picture of the insides. could you show me what to solder where when you have time.. thanks in advance.!


    I think the buttons can connect the same way, for sd connections check the pictures at bottom. I dont know what sd shield you use.

    In my similar project im using a diy micro sd shield at the arduino side with these micro sd socket:

    Im use it because looks similar the 808 sd socket. Connect all pin each in line.

    First, i need to make the microsd pcb, unfortunately not much time in the next weeks, but keep trying :)

    I have this spy camera and I have wanted building an motion detection camera for a loang time! Thanks for shearing ;) Im gona make it!

    Thanks, some yes, but this (~3 year old), and cheaper versions don't.

    But this technique work with almost any cam. :)