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Toy for the representation of reverse gear. Top "Sun" turns against the way you turn the axis. Made for education reasons to explain children how it works. But this enjoy the viewer how beautiful it turns and create always new pattern.

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Step 1: Print All Parts

Print all parts. Some you´ll need twice. Print with PLA, 35% infill and 0.2mm Layer high.

Step 2: Setup Planetary Drive

  • Insert the axis into the center gear. One axis will be install at half on the top and one under the gear. Use a small hammer. There is no glue needed.
  • Insert the gear with axis into the upper-shell.stl part
  • Place the 2 small gears into the hole beside the center gear.

Step 3: Insert Gear Sun

Cover the upper-shell.stl with the 3 gears with the gear-sun.stl. Add the printed washer on top and bottom side !

Step 4: Fix Top Sun

Finally set the top-sun.stl on the top of the axis. Do not press the top Sun on the washer. There must be some space between top sun and gear sun part.

Additional you can set the top sun part congruent with the beneath sun. Looks also very nice.

Have fun.

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    2 years ago

    What is the ratio between the two suns?