Assembling and Connecting Your Edison to Wyliodrin

Introduction: Assembling and Connecting Your Edison to Wyliodrin

The Wyliodrin platform allows you to build programs using blocks. This instructable will show you how to prepare the Edison board to connect with the Wyliodrin platform.

Step 1: Preparing the Edison Board

The Edison board is a small computer. It has connections for power, USB ports, and connectors for a CPU (computing unit) and a port to connector the sensor board (more on this later)

To get the Edison board ready to work, follow these steps:

First: Connect the Edison CPU to the board.

Second: Secure the Edison CPU by tightening the nuts on the screws.

Third: Attach the legs to the bottom of the Edison board.

Step 2: Connecting the Edison Board to Your Computer and Powering It Up

The Edison board is a computer in its own right. For the board to work, it needs an operating system. The next few steps will show you how to get the board ready to go.

First: Connect the power supply to the board and plug it into a power socket. A green LED close to the CPU will light up.

Second: Connect a USB cable from the Edison board to your computer. Use the USB port farthest away from the power connector.

Step 3: Download and Install Flash Tool, Drivers and Emulator

Your computer will need drivers to communicate with the Edison board. By now, you should think of giving a name to your board.

Second: Download the PuTTY Terminal Emulator here. What is PuTTY??? - PuTTY is a program used to communicate with the board using the USB connection (also called the Serial port). The file you download will be the program itself; you won't need to install it or anything.


Third: Download the Intel Edison drivers for Windows here .Click on the .exe file you downloaded. It will open up a window showing a setup wizard. Again, just keep clicking "next", "I agree", "continue" etc until you get a message that the drivers have been installed

If you have a Mac, you can find the drivers here.

Step 4: Connecting to the Edison Board

First: Connect to the Edison from your computer.

Keep the Edison connected to your computer with the USB cable.

Run the Putty program.

Choose Serial type, Serial line COM7 (as seen earlier when setting up your Edison) at Speed of 115200. Click on Open

Enter "root" and press Enter then enter the password and press Enter.

Step 5: Connecting Your Edison to a Wi-Fi Network

First: Configure Wi-Fi

Type the following command: configure_edison --wifi and press Enter The Edison will scan for a Wi-Fi network. Enter the number assigned to your network, enter Y to indicate the network selected is the correct one. Now enter the network password and press Enter.

You should see a message saying that the Edison is connected to your network.

Second: Confirm you can connect to the Internet

Type the following command: ping -c2 and press Enter

If you see a reply from then you are connected!

Step 6: Login to Wyliodrin With Your Account and Add Your Board

Wyliodrin is a platform that allows you to use visual blocks to program your devices. As the program is created, you can also see the code in python and javascript.

First: Login to Wyliodrin with your account here. We will use a gmail account.

For Wyliodrin to work, you need to install some software components in your Edison.

Second: Add your board to the Wyliodrin account.

Click on Add new board

Name your Edison, then enter your Wi-Fi network name and the password to join your Wi-Fi network.

A pop-up window will come up. Scroll down and download the files in Step 2.

Move the cable on the Edison board from USB port 1 to USB port 2

The Edison will show up as a drive. Copy the files you just download to the Edison.

Move the cable back to USB port 1. Login to the Edison with putty

and type the command: sh and press Enter.

Step 7: Confirm Your Edison Board Is Online

After the software to connect to Wyliodrin finishes installation, you will be able to see that your board is online.

The offline button will change to online in Wyliodrin.

Now you will be able to create a program and run it in your Edison.

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