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Introduction: Attachable Handle

Not all objects have a place where you can easily grip it and begin to move it. Even if the do the object often has it so that it will begin to dig into your skin and it will begin to feel uncomfortable when you are moving it around. Which is why if you want to solve that problem you should build this handle that will allow you to have a good comfortable grip on any object.

The materials needed are as follows:

1. Any item that has buckle straps and reducer straps

2. An old scooter

3. A saw

4. A hammer

5. Drill with a 19/64 drill bit

6. A torch

7. A rag

8. A sewing materials

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Step 1: Disassemble the Scooter

The first step to this is to disassemble the scooter for the parts you need. In this case the part needed are the bars of the scooter. All you need to do is unscrew the bar from the bottom clamp of the scooter and the bars will just come off.

Step 2: Cut the Bar

The next thing is that the bar needs to be cut so that you are able to remove the bar ends and grips. Use a hacksaw to cut the the part shown in the picture. The best saw to use a hacksaw but I just ended up using a saw. Once cut you should just end up with the bars.

Step 3: Bending the Bars

First separate the bars so that you have to separate pieces. Once separated if you have metal bending machine then just bend it so that a starts forming a handle shape. If you don't have a metal bending machine then once separated take one of the bars and heat it up using a torch. Of course since safety comes first use some heat resistance gloves if you have any to hold the metal. If you don't have any then just use any rag and wrap it around the end of the bar where it is going to be held. Now heat up the bar for a good 2 minutes and once the time is reached take the bar away from the flame and begin to hammer the bar down so that it forms a dent in it. Then submerge the bar in water to cool it down. Repeat this for the second bar.

Step 4: Drilling the Bar

To make the bar so that it varies in length you need the drill and the 19/64 drill bit. First you want to make yourself an outline that will guide you as to how far apart the holes are going to be. i just eyeballed it and made the holes a good distance apart. Once the outline is done begin to drill the holes. After the holes are made you then need to cut the where the bend of the bar is to create a hole there where the strap is going to run through. Don't cut all the way through the bar. just make a big enough hole with to run the strap through.

Step 5: Making the Straps

To make the strap that will run through the bar you need to begin cutting each individual strap from the backpack. Once you are done with cutting the straps sew the individual straps together to make one long one, however don't sew the straps together completely into a circle.

Step 6: Finishing the Handle

Once done with making the bar and straps it is now time to combine the two. Run the strap through the cuts you made in the bend of the bar.. Once done sew the last two ends of the straps to create one entire strap. That is it you are done. Now the way it works is that say you have a box that needs moving all you need to do is strap the box and buckle the straps together once done tighten the strap so that it fits the shape of the box. You are done and ready to carry and move the box.

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