Avoid Buring Your Hands With an Oven Rack Puller




Saw one of these at Lehaman's Amish Hardware, figured I could make one for cheap.

A pair of oven rack pullers is used to get the rack outside of the oven so there is less chance of burinig your hands.

My wife got bit by the oven so I decided to make some for her. Besides, I am terrified of ovens, childhood accident.

This is quick, easy and handy, An ideal project for a scout troup for Mother's Day.

Step 1: Materials

Eye protection

Yard Stick


Step 2: Making the End Marks

1. Measure 8 inches on the Yardstick and mark it off.

2. Mark 7 1/2 inches and mark it as well.

3. Measure to the 1/2 way point on the width of the yardstick and mark

4. Use the straight edge to make two guidlines from the edges of the ruler to the centerpoint at the 7 1/2 inch mark.

See photo below.

Step 3: Making the Puller Marks

5. Mark a loop at the 6 inch point that extends up to the mid point of the yardstick. It should look heartshaped if you hold a mirror up to it. Make sure the top of the heart is toward the 8 inch mark.

Step 4: Marking the Hanger Hole

6. Mark the 1 inch mark

7. Mark the midpoint on the last mark you just made.

Step 5: Dremmel Time

8. Using your dremmel's cutting attachment saw the yardstick on the 8 inch line.

9. Now cut some strips in the puller portion.

10. Using your dremmel's sanding attchment grind into the pulling portion.

11. Sand into the 8 inch end portion as well.

see below

Step 6: Drill Time

11. Drill a hole at the cross of the 1 inch and midpoint mark for connecting your cord for hanging.

Step 7: Prime and Paint.

12. This stuff just soaks up paint so prime it.

13. Paint it.

Step 8: Tie Your Cord

14. Tie a cord through the hole at the end so you can hang it from your kitchen rack.

I recommend you make two it makes them much easier to use.

15. If you present them to your sweety, make sure they are together to make a cute little heart.

16. Now ask her to make you some Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies!



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Ha, I remember making those! That was the first project that we were given in wood shop while in grade school. Nifty things, those were.

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Introduction

    my grandpa makes those every once in a while...but his all look like squirrels hehe