Awesome DIY Glowing Fidget Spinner!




Introduction: Awesome DIY Glowing Fidget Spinner!

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Hello! This is project How-Todo, my name is Konstantin and today I gonna make this awesome wooden fidget spinner.

Step 1: Breaking the Wood

First we need a piece of wood, in my case is walnut 1/4” thickness, also we need an epoxy resin, try to find clear epoxy for jewelry it gives less bubbles, and looks nicer. Start with breaking the wood to get interesting shapes.

Step 2: Epoxy

Mix an epoxy by the instruction, usually this is one part hardener to two parts resin. Also I add some fluorescent pigment, this will make my spinner glow in the dark - link.

Step 3: Mold

Then I print this mold on 3d printer, but if u don't have one you can make it from anything that doesn't miss the epoxy and will keep the shape. I poured some resin on the bottom, put a piece of wood and poured the rest.

Step 4: Rough Processing

After 24 hours we're ready to pull the workpiece out of the mold. Now the most tedious process – grinding, I using belt sander to save time but of course u can do it with file and sand paper, after rough processing I round the edges with file and mark the place for the central bearing,

Step 5: Prepare for the Bearing

I still don't have 22mm drill bit, soo drill smaller hole and cut it to about the right size, then finish with dremel. I've been thinking to leave it as it is but then decided to polish it, first with sand paper 220, 400, and 1000 grit actually I recommend to add 800 between the last pair.

Step 6: Polishing

The last step is polishing with special compound, there are lots of different compounds, I using one called novus, it's pretty cheap and works fine. Also for this step u need buffing pads and drill or screwgun, don't use high speed it can ruin the resin. As you can see it's almost crystal clear.

Step 7: Bearing

The last step is pressing the bearing, prepare it as I showed in the previous video, take off the dust covers and clean bearing out of oil in gasoline or different solvent, then press, my spinner hold bearing tight without glue, but u can put some if you need.

Step 8: Final

Probably that's it guys, hope u like it, share subscribe, and check my other videos, see you!

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    What diameter of ball bearing did you use?


    3 years ago

    Great spinner, it looks very nice.