BBQ Pan Pizza




Introduction: BBQ Pan Pizza

An easy way to bake pizza using a cast-iron pan and your BBQ. Don't heat up your house this summer! Use your BBQ as an oven and enjoy delicious, homemade pizza.

Step 1: Heat Up the BBQ

The first step is to heat up the BBQ. If you're using gas, turn the burners on max. If you're using charcoal, light 8-10 charcoal briquettes. Place the grill over the heat source and close the lid. For charcoal, make sure the vents are open for maximum heat generation. Using a thermometer, my gas unit got up to 600F (315C).

This step preheats the BBQ and burns off any residue that may be present on the grill. You don't want your pizza tasting like burned steak!

Step 2: Oil a Cast Iron Pan

Oil up a cast iron pan or skillet. Use olive oil for the best flavor, but any oil will work.

Step 3: Slap Some Dough in There

Use enough dough to cover the entire bottom of the pan about 1/4" (65mm). I used the dough from caledonian'spizzia recipe, with the following modifications:

replaced 1/2 cup white flour with wheat flour
added 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
added a dash of oregano
added a dash of crushed hot pepper

I also made the dough in a bread maker on the "dough/pasta" setting, rather than by hand.

Step 4: Add Some Ingredients

This recipe is pretty forgiving, so you can use whatever toppings you wish. The order is also dependent on taste. (I prefer the cheese on top so all the flavors stay in the pizza.) Add as little or as much of each ingredient as you like, but don't pile them over the top of the pan. BBQ spillage should be avoided!

Here's what I used, in the order I added them:

vodka marinara sauce
bell pepper
stewed tomatos
mozzerella cheese
parmesan cheese
black pepper

Step 5: Place in the BBQ

Place your pizza in the preheated BBQ. If you have a top rack, place it there. After closing the lid, reduce the heat so the temperature stays in the 400F-450F (204C-232C) range. Every BBQ is different, so this step might require some experimentation. Using a digital thermometer on a gas BBQ, I was able to get mine to stay between 395 and 415 the whole time.

Step 6: Bake for 20-30 Minutes

Baking time will vary, so if this is your first pizza, check the baking progress every 10 minutes or so. Mine took 30 minutes. (Remember, the more often you check, the longer it will take.)

The pictures were taken at 10-minute intervals.

Step 7: Enjoy Your BBQ Pizza!

The cast iron pan helps conduct the heat into the pizza and cook it thoroughly.

Please post any of you ideas or modifications in the comments. I would love to try them!



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    26 Discussions

    Looks great! Not to be a stickler, but being that i'm an avid maker of BBQ, I have to be critical of one small thing. BBQing is a method of cooking that results in what we all know as BBQ. Your grill is not a BBQ, nor can this pizza be called BBQ Pizza under the definition of the cooking methods of true BBQ. BBQing is a slow and low cooking method, and not what you cook your food(a grill or pit). THe only way this can be called BBQ Pizza, is i fwere cooked slow and low for a few hours. Sorry to rant though. The pizza does look really good.

    1 reply

    Here in most of the US of A, we call them "BBQ grills". Being a fan of low and slow cooking, I feel your pain when people call anything cooked on an outdoor grill "BBQ", but such is the life we live. Is everything in Steven Raichlen's BBQ Bible truly BBQ? Of course not!

    On another note, why do we associate BBQ with low and slow when the word barbecue was actually derived from some other word that was used to describe cooking anything over fire. We are all guilty of misusing the American English language in one way or another, aren't we?

    err cant find how to make the dough, can you tell me?? how to prepare the dough and the ingredients. did u just add water to the wheat flower?

    could you put in extra dough and make deep dish?

    I'd use a flat skillet, but i like a crispier crust and airflow is important. I'd probably just slap it on my pizza screens and do it that way. oh, btw. 50% marinara, 50% bbq sauce. then, chicken, red onion, pre-cooked chopped bacon. Then, a cheddar/mozzarella blend. bbq chicken pizza on a bbq. Mmmmmm. I'm doing this next week.

    1 reply

    These damn pizza instructables are making me hungry! I have to try this if I have anything to use.

    hmm, i have a pizza stone in my oven, wonder how it'd turn out using that in my grill?

    Keep your home cool by cooking outside, brilliant! For the greenies out there like me, you could probably make a vegetable-oil burner to heat the grill.

    This is seriously great! You inspired me to get out my cast iron and try a hand at it. Thanks a bunch for posting this :)

    You don't need the cast iron pan (you don't want pan style pizza obviously, I just put my dough right on the rack, wait 2 minutes, and then flip, put the condiments on the dough and back for 3 more minutes. When you do it this way you should be aiming for temperatures closer to 700!

    how about you try it with white garlic sauce, my dad loves that stuff...

    Thanks for the instructable! I've been using this basic method to make a chipotle chicken & basil pizza with smoked gouda and mozzarella. It's easily my new favorite pizza cooking method!

    My swamp cooler thanks you!!! Excellent idea!!

    This looks delicious! I've never really thought about baking in my BBQ grill, but it sure would come in handy on those 95* days when you crave pizza!
    And the stewed tomatoes? That looks interesting, may have to give that one a try next time!

    Very nice. A must try recipe. We already use the grill for baking fish sticks, shake n bake chops...on a heavy pan, so this will be added to the list. Keeping heat out of house is important in the summer.