Bacon Lollipops / Bacon Roses the Original Recipe

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Here is an original video recipe that turns bacon into a candy appetizer. Bacon Lollipops are a sweet and salty treat that your family and friends will love. They make a great addition to any party.

It all started with having some leftover slices of bacon and making a new Pitmaster treat. After wrapping a few filets with bacon I had a couple extra pieces, so I decided to roll them up and put a hickory stick through them to hold them together. (2nd picture) Well to my enjoyment, once I had rendered the fat from the bacon, along with the smoke from the natural lump charcoal, it had a wonderful flavor. I took it one step further by dipping them in Candy "Q" BBQ Sauce / Glaze. This add a sweet BBQ flavor to the already wonderful salty bacon. By adding a lollipop stick or small skewer, as a garnish, it puts this appetizer over the top and one your friends will talk about for ages. Enjoy yours today.

You can find LBC Candy "Q" BBQ Sauce / Glaze at

Step 1: ‚ÄčInstruction Video for Bacon Lollipops

Instruction Video for Bacon Lollipops



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    I ate some candy bacon once at a fair , the glaze they used was made of maple syrup was really good ... giv it a try !

    awesome post im def going to try this !

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