Balancer Tools for Self Tightening Propeller (using Unused Tamiya Rollers)



Introduction: Balancer Tools for Self Tightening Propeller (using Unused Tamiya Rollers)

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I wonder, how many of u ever playing a tamiya... and how many unused spare part of it left behind... i just found my tamiya bumper roller and i tough i could make it for a balancer tools for self tightening propeller such a DJI 9450 prop or else... i need this balancing tools to reduce jello effect on my Quadcopter and basically it work like a dubro balancer...

what u need is:

4 x tamiya roller like

and 4 x sort 4mm diameter screw...

Step 1: Prepare Your Tamiya Roller

Take out your tamiya roller from bumper...

try spin the roller, if it not smooth than don't use it...

Step 2: File to Print

download 3D files from

and print it.... i use 40% infill for it, that's enough for it...

Step 3: Roller Holder

Put the roller to the roller holder.. like picture above...

PS: u need two of this

Step 4: Balancer Stand

Put the roller holder to the balancer stand, the one of roller holder in the back is upside down (the hole is below the roller)

Step 5: Propeller Rod

Put the rod in the hole and put the propeller on it... one side of the rod is CW and the other side is CCW

PS:Sand paper the surface of the rod which contact to the roller, more smooth are more better.

or u can use any other cylinder tube to replace the rod...

Step 6: Ready to Use

Try to move the propeller lightly CW & CCW, if the propeller is falling down than using sand paper try to reduce weight from the falling propeller leaf. than try to lightly move CW & CCW again.

if the propeller is steady or nearly steady enough in the middle than it balance...

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