Ball Pein Hammer Restoration


Introduction: Ball Pein Hammer Restoration

I was lucky enough to come across a rusty old Pien hammer head at a garage sale . i had bought a few other bits and pieces, so the kind gentleman had thrown this in for free ..Total cost nothing !! ...

It all started will a sanding disk on the grinder and a cut off wheel to true up the face , once that was done it was over to the drill press and worked my way up through the grids . finished off with a cutting compound to remove most of the fine scratches ... The handle was left over pieces of western cedar and Jarrah that were glue together . I decided to pimp up the handle by placing two steel pins down the middle , and was finished with a boiled linseed oil . I might add a coat of clear down the track ... More than likely the hammer will never be used , it will sit with all the other tools that i've restored and way down the track when i die they will probably be thrown out ... ha ha ha



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    Nicely done. I really like the two-toned handle. Looks great!

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    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and you kind words , i'm glad you like it , cheers

    I like that faux rivet look on the handle, I recently put a new one on an old ball peen hammer too, but wimped out and bought a Hickory replacement on the net.

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    To tell you the truth this was my second handle i made . The first was a fail in a few different ways, the fail handle now sit in my workshop and is a reminder of the mistake that were made ...I strongly suggest that you make the next one buy hand , its a great feeling once its finshed and knowing you made it always add to the feeling . Thank you for your kind works ,

    Elegant! Just one question: I am not familiar with the other wood you used in the laminate but my experience with cedar is that it is not strong enough for an impact tool handle since it splinters so easily. ANY thoughts?
    Again, great job.

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    Hi Oldguy

    Thank you for your kind words and your question

    Yes , you're 100% right about the cedar. Also the use of the pins in the handle will weaken the handle. The cedar wood and the pins are mainly to spruce up the handle , The hammer was sold in a timber display box , to be given away as a gift It now sits as a display piece and will probly never be use again