Balloon Jet Car




I am Arun kumar from Banjarapalya E4D Mkerspace.

I done this balloon jet car first we want to take materials and tool.

    tools and materials

    1. 1 water bottel

    2. Scissor

    3. Nail

    4. Hammer

    5. Watter bottle 4caps

    6. Balloon

    7. Scotch tape

    8. 3 Straws

    9. 2 Bamboo stick

    Step 1: Fix Straw and Ballon

    first we want to take balloon and straw and fix it together with he help of Rubber band.

    Step 2: Fix Wheels

    Take a bottle and cut in front like a box type and fix the wheels to the bottle as shown in the image.

    Step 3: Ready to Use

    After fixed the wheels we want to fix the balloon straw stick and blow the air and keep the air jet car into the down and it will move back words it is the balloon jet car for the kids.



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