Watch & Bracelet Hanging Bar




Introduction: Watch & Bracelet Hanging Bar

This is my first instructable and sorry for my english

This project is a second that I make, red is my first.

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Step 1: Material & Tool

1. Plastic tube
2. Wood
3. Whiteboard marker
4. Woollen

1. Saw
2. Drill
3. Ruler
4. Square ruler
5. Cutter
6. Glue
7 Sandpaper
8. Pen

Step 2: Prepare Bar

1. Cut tip of silicone tube and rub
2. Drill center of tube, Diameter same as whiteboard marker

Step 3: Prepare Column

1. Cut tip of marker and pull ink out
2. measure marker diameter ( for drill bar and base)

Step 4: Prepare Base

1. Cut wood length about 2/3 of bar.
2. Drill center of wood, Diameter same as whiteboard marker

Step 5: Assembly Test

Step 6: Wrap

1. Wrap bar, column and base with woollen
2. Cut woollen out from hole of bar and base

Step 7: Assembly

Assembly with glue

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    4 Discussions

    Very Nice!
    this is exactly what i want for my leather cuff watch collection! Have you had diffaculty with larger bases for balance?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, that's a great way to store watches and bracelets!