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My Name is Jeff

My project / idea is to finalize my R&D to produce a WVO (Waste Vegtable oil) system that anyone can use. Assembling with common off the shelf componets, it could be a " Do-it-yourself " or purchased as a kit. I know many people play with WVO systems, but many are used towards Bio-diesel type applications. Mine is just a straight foward filter system and used with mixing in the tank with standard diesel fuel. I am using my 2004 F-250 with the 6.0 diesel motor as my test subject and proof of concept. My F-250 is factory stock. NO chip, NO add-ons. I purchased my truck in OCT 11 with 33k miles ( yes I know, extremly low milage), and as of today 1 Sept 12 I am just under 50k miles. I do alot of driving in connection with my work, and by being able to use up to 50% WVO I am attempting to cut down on my fuel cost. I would like to finallize my ideas into a as-compact-as-possible system that could be marketed to the masses as a simple way to cut fuel cost without having to deal with alot of chemicals and hassle of disposing of left-overs.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    UPDATE !!!!!

    I have been running my truck on WVO/diesel blend for a while, almost 50k miles. I finally went with installing a system semi-permanent in the bed of my truck and it has been working well. I use a 55 gal drum, a pump and filters. I store excess in the drum and pump straight to the tank before I go to the station to top it off. I usually run about 25% WVO to diesel. I rarely go over 50%. I spent this last winter in ILLinois, brrrrrrrr, I went to straight pump fuel as the winter up there was brutal !!!

    Anyone want to chat just drop me a line!! and put WVO in the subject line. My spam filter is turned all the way up !!! LOL


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there, I have been running 80 oil / 20 diesel in my bus how for about 4 years, 50 000 mms, no probs, carry spare fuel filters !! I live in the tropics.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This video was to enter a contest. If anyone is interested in WVO filtration systems drop me a line at and put WVO in the subject line.