Bean Can Boombox

Introduction: Bean Can Boombox

doesn't everyone need a bean can boombox.

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Step 1: Tools and Supply's

I have made a list of the tools and supply's you will need to make the boombox

  • extra wire
  • wire strippers
  • bolts/nuts
  • zip ties (optional)
  • speakers that work
  • one male audio end
  • a can the size of your speakers
  • hammer/nails
  • or a drill/drill bit
  • a soldering gun/ pencil
  • and solder
  • and other assorted tools

Step 2: Make Sound Holes and Mount Speakers

You will need to use ether a nail and a hammer or a drill to make the holes for the sound to escape.

I used a hammer and a nail before i realized there was a drill in the house.

You will also need to make the holes for the bolts the hold the speakers to go.

Step 3: Make Sound Holes and Mount Speakers on the Lid.

For making the sound holes on the like i first use a nail and hammer.

But then i decided a candle and a hot nail would be fast and easier.

I used zip ties to secure the speaker to the lid mainly because i didn't have anymore nuts and bolts

Step 4: Solder Up!

for this step you will need to use some extra wire and solder it to the speakers.

Step 5: Finished

And now your ready to crank out to your jams annoying everyone in you path.

And as i always say if you have any ideas of things you would like to see made please tell me in the comments.

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